Rethinking Spirituality


Hi, I'm Rachel Roberts.


I have devoted my life's work to explore what it means to be a None and help build a community for the 100+ million Americans who check "None" when asked for their religious affiliation.

Join me on the journey!




Rachel Roberts founded American None,™ the first organization of its kind to serve

the fastest-growing (non)religious demographic in our country– the Nones. She is the author of Confessions of an American None: A Credo of Sorts. Rachel is deeply motivated to help elevate the soul of our nation and believes that collectively Nones harness a vast power to do so.

The study of religion has been her passion since young adulthood. Her bachelor's degree included an emphasis on philosophy of religion, and her Master of Theological Studies degree is from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. She grew up in a Christian cult with her mother yet her father was an atheist. After an on-again, off-again relationship with Christianity as an adult, Rachel found her truth and freedom in coming out as a None. 


Rachel has three children, a dog named Tito, and a cat named Strudel. Her guilty pleasures include gummy bears, a crisp IPA, and Star Trek. 




"Rachel has one of the most interesting analyses of 'faith' I have ever heard.

I think she and her book are brilliant. Bravo." 

George Y.


Engaged Audiences.

Happy Event Planners.


My goal as a speaker is for people to leave differently than they arrived.


For audiences, I offer new things to think about, or habits to incorporate into their individual lives

while aiming to elevate their spirits. My messages are infused with humor, practicality, and relatability. I invite everyone to share a journey with me that hopefully will carry forward into their respective lives.


For event organizers, it is equally important that they have a positive, seamless experience collaborating with me to deliver an unforgettable presentation for their group. I am adaptable to different needs and accountable for the details.

I want to be easiest part of their event.

For me, I always leave a better person after every engagement. Audiences inspire me to aim higher and challenge me to see from a different perspective. I learn from every interaction I am fortunate to have. Perhaps the greatest gift is the synergy of the group, where we feel our connectedness and are powerfully reminded that we are all in this together. 

Everyone leaves changed.




Confessions of an American None: A Credo of Sorts is part memoir, part credo, and part romp in pop culture, spotlighting the largest, fastest-growing spiritual demographic in our country– the religiously unaffiliated, aka Nones.


A swashbuckling narrative upends conventional thinking about God and religion. Some doctrinal alligators are wrestled into compliance. Some walk the plank. What is the fate of Original Sin, virgin births, and sexuality? It's probably not what you expect.


Rachel Roberts shares personal tales of growing up in a cult...   Read more


Follow Rachel on the American None blog.


The blog is dedicated to exploring the way Nones understand spirituality and live meaningful lives- not religious, not new-agey, but spirituality and lifestyle content grounded in the values of today's new generation of seekers. 




Rachel comes from a long lineage of teachers.

Spanning multiple disciplines, Rachel has logged several thousand hours of teaching in her career. In doing so, two principles inform her approach.

A good teacher guides the student on a journey of self-exploration.

Teaching is not about telling people what to think. It's about awakening the thirst for self-discovery. Only authentic learning yields practical, transformational results.

A good teacher remains a student herself.

And oftentimes, her students are her teachers. We must remain lifetime learners, with the openness and pliability to accept truth wherever it presents itself and to acknowledge when it's time to change our perspective.

You can experience Rachel's teaching through booking her for private events, such as workshops and seminars, or through her online interactive courses via American None.